PDI Sani Cloth Detergent Bucket - 225 Wipes (£8.99 + VAT)


PDI Sani Cloth Detergent Bucket - 225 Wipes (£8.99 + VAT)


Sani Cloth Detergent multi surface disinfectant wipes contain a low level detergent formulation for the cleaning of beds, matresses and most other surfaces. Detergent wipes allow for compliance with HTM01-05

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Features & Benefits

  • Mechanical action aids the removal of soil.
  • Low smear biodegradable formulation.
  • Large disinfectant wipes allows for good surface coverage.
  • Lightly fragrance giving a clean smell after use.
  • The design allows you to dispense individual or several wipes at once.
  • Bucket can be re-used with refill pack XP00210.

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