PDI Sani Cloth CHG 2% Wipes - 100 Wipes (£5.99 + VAT)


PDI Sani Cloth CHG 2% Wipes - 100 Wipes (£5.99 + VAT)


Sani Cloth 2% Chlorhexidine Antiseptic Wipes provide a broad spectrum of kill with a short contact time.
High liquid dose on the wipe ensures good surface coverage and contact time.
Sani Cloth 2% complies to Medical Device Directive as a class IIa medical device.

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Features & Benefits

  • Individual disposable wipes for the disinfection of hubs and connection ports to help prevent infections associated with the use of central venous and arterial catheters.
  • Chlorhexidine antiseptic wipes have been found to be superior to povidine iodine for preventing infections.
  • The product is designed to facilitate ANTT (Aseptic non touch technique).
  • Provides rapid antimicrobial action and excellent residual activity.


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